“one apple a day keep doctor away”

We use almost every functions in smart phone. Every interesting application, specially free applications.I have learned one valuable thing from my phone this morning.

while eating apple this morning I thought to use a very popular Apple phone function in my real life. i.e SLOW MOTION 

Slow motion function is not while video capturing but using that function in my break fast, lunch and dinner. because I realized that my stomach doesn’t have teeth. So i need to chew in slow motion.

Accept now….”one apple (Fruit) a day keep doctor away”


Encouraging Thunder Award


Encouraging Thunder Award

I have been invited by a very versatile blogger itsmine

He is the most encouraging blogger I have ever felt. So he is humble that he nominates but He deserves this award. BDW He always welcomes every one as per his blog tag line.Thank you for the Nominating me.

Purpose in blogging: 

  • it gives not only information but also knowledge.
  • Few things which we can not say but we can write and few things which we can not write that we can read
  • Blogging gives a valuable satisfaction to newbies…because you get motivation from experienced and well known writers by their “likes” and “comments”.
  • blogging gives much satisfaction than these 3 “S”.                                       STATUS, STYLE & SEX.

Here are my Nominations….


Damini Shah





The rules for this award are mentioned below…

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  •    Mention your purpose in blogging.
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Magical 3 “W”s

These days people have many things in their life but still NOTHING.

Life has too much but it has no surround.we may roam in many streets and lane, we may see many countries but in computer through Internet. Not in real.

we can see all wonders of the world by just one click. so we can say “we have too much but through few resources only”

3 “W” are most popular these days.

First one and most influencing & addictive “W” is Whatsapp. whatsapp gives too much but nothings. It steals time from us and gives just shit joke and videos.

Second “W” is Wife. haa haaa married bloggers will explain you. Although everyone understood. but very interesting “w” in men’s life.without wife life would be mistake.

Thirs “W” is wordress. It gives too much.

  • Friends & knowledge.
  • creativity and motivation.
  • Freedom for writing and courage to improve thought process and too much…

Common things about these 3 “W” are very interesting that they have notification.

but we can change notification sound and volume in whatsapp & wordress. but to change wife’s notification we need to change our self.

Maulik Rami


“Thought” !!!!  A word “Thought” may be very normal as other thousands words in the dictionary. but its very valuable in our life.

I am introducing my name as MAULIK a ‘thought” . where I want to share my thoughts and i would love to get more ‘n’ more positive thoughts from anything and everything.

Because I believe “Thought” is a pure treasure which can be share without cost. and can learn  life without paying.

So now the thoughts are fuel of my journey and making my life engine more efficient.